Heliv LIT is the innovative technology that allows transparent materials, such as glass or polymers, to transform into illuminating graphic displays of unlimited design upon command, and immediately convert back to transparent when switched off.
By using Heliv LIT, the glass or polymer surface can be transformed into a source of light – either full surface coverage or selected areas only – with transparent or slightly translucent colours: monochrome, multi-coloured, graphics or text.
Heliv uses its innovative printing technologies to offer a professional service that is aimed at large manufacturers and SME’s, seeking to enhance their existing products or to generate new ones, in which transparent surfaces are innovated by adding illuminating displays of visual communication or decorative graphics.



Its basis is a transparent surface, either glass or plastic, to which a power source is added in the form of an edge-lit LED configuration that activates the surface printed inks (or the surface adhesives). The inks can be applied to the surface using various techniques, including digital printing which allows for a multitude of graphic forms and colours, thus generating text, pictures and logos.

The overall system characteristics are:

  • an integrated light supply

  • transparent surface

  • illumination from both sides
  • reduced energy consumption

  • personalised graphics

  • vast range of coloured RGB illumination