The LIT project was conceptualised by a team of researchers working in the fields of nanotechnology and optical materials, who envisioned the great industrial potential of the technology’s innovative features when applied onto the surface of glass and clear plastics.
Heliv is the first to apply the unique features of a nanotechnology that was originally intended for biomedical or solar research in a new market sector, that overlaps and extends the areas of lighting, communication and interior design.
Heliv group srl was established in 2012 to bring this innovative and unique technology to the market. The inaugural showcase of the technology was given at ITS (International Talent Support) 2013, with Heliv Group as the event’s technical support partner.


Heliv group established its office and laboratory spaces within the VEGA Scientific Park in September 2014, where a network of universities, companies and research centres promote the development of applied research and technology transfer towards technological advancement and company competitiveness. Heliv Group is ideally located in this setting where its natural tendency for innovation and research, a well-established vocation in the region, has led to various partnerships that make use of the region’s high-level expertise to create high quality products. 

Heliv Group partners with numerous professionals and experts in order to create a high quality product: